The World is Yours

Those guys are a lot of silk hats and silk socks with nothing in between.

-Clark Gable

We are a window for infinity to view its own creation. In continual motion, limitless possibility. Total relaxation, what is there to lose? Or gain? Just let it happen. But we’ve bought into a big load of bullshit. We’ve convinced ourselves that we are lacking, that we are somehow missing something. We are lost and don’t know what we are doing, and so we need other people to figure it out for us.

But they have no idea either. That is one of the big realizations that we are coming to as a result of this pandemic and an increasingly impotent political structure. There is no perfect authority of fact and truth. The “people in charge” are just that, people. Fallible, financially influenced people. And not by your finances either.

Meditation sets the sovereignty of the individual as totally paramount. It is about becoming our own masters, recognizing that we are one with this world, we are the world. So why would we put someone else above us, or another below us? What information have they got that we don’t? None whatsoever. The internet has played a great role in making that happen. But there needs to be a massive decentralization of power; away from a corrupt and broken politico-economic machine and back to the people (if they’ve ever had it to begin with).

This means we have to start waking up, asking questions, getting engaged. The power is ours for the taking, but we have to be willing to actually do so. We have to take responsibility for our circumstances, for our indifference to the world we find ourselves in. It is clearly in a process of falling apart. And this is a great opportunity for transformation. I believe we will find ourselves in a void before long, there’s just so little holding this house of cards together anymore. That is where the opportunity lies, for people to throw off these silly grade-school divisions of left and right, good guys and bad guys. Let’s grow up, let’s come together and make it happen.

To me, this pandemic is not really about a virus at all. It is about our collective sense of anxiety, of disconnection from the world around us. It is highlighted perfectly by the response to the virus, which has been so bizarrely disproportionate to its actual danger. It feels like we’re only now just coming back to reality a little bit. But the real damage has already been done. There is a distinct feeling of free-fall and uncertainty, that we have gone past some invisible line in the sand. An economic, social and political environment already on the brink, seems to have been graciously shoved off the cliff.

What comes now is up to us, collectively. We’ve got to get our hands dirty. We have to become willing to wield the responsibility of power. Meditation is really the only way to do so. Without a clear understanding and knowing of who we are, of our inherent oneness and indivisibility with the world, this power always gets exploited. It gets used for selfish ends, it divides and hoards and enslaves. You can’t serve both God and Mammon, as Jesus (and Clint Eastwood) said. Seriously, go watch Pale Rider if you haven’t already.

Only when the self is relinquished entirely in the fire of meditation can this anxiety be extinguished. And this doesn’t come from some esoteric, holier-than-thou sainthood. It just follows naturally as a result of seeing through the illusion of separation. What you are is fundamentally connected and infinite. What is there to compete over or be afraid of? The question of possession or loss becomes meaningless and obsolete. It no longer applies.

So first we need to wake ourselves up from our collective unconscious slumber. This slumber keeps us bogged down in fear and confusion and limitation. As more and more people do this, we can begin to hold the power of the world. Naturally we can shape and mold the world to a more refined perspective, the enlightened perspective. This perspective recognizes the beauty and power of each person, it sets each of us responsible for the harmony of our species. You are the world, the world is yours. It’s waiting for us to come and claim it.

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