Sidney Powell, pictured above, draining the swamp

Since everyone has a different voracity for media consumption right now, I want to lay this out as clearly and accurately as possible. And since I have no job and am essentially locked away in a lake tower, you can imagine that my appetite for entertaining any notion or conspiracy has grown quite large – especially if said conspiracy will hasten my release. I promise all of this dovetails back around to meditation and “all-is-one-and-love” and all that happy nonsense at some point – in fact it is an intricately intertwined step in awakening our consciousness, but for now we must divert our attention to the matter at hand.

What we are witnessing right now with Sidney Powell and Dominion is a court case for the ages, and it appears to be no conspiracy. The scale of what is involved here is breathtaking, you might want to grab some popcorn for this one.

While the world has been gradually trying to dismiss Trump out of office, he has been quietly putting forward a voter fraud case like no other, which was brought forth in a press conference last week headed by Rudy Giuliani and Sidney Powell. Rudy’s allegations – unreadable ballots, boxes being dumped out, poll watchers not allowed entry, etc. – while significant, do not amount to enough in the court of public opinion to reverse or pause an election certification in my estimation.

Sidney Powell however has promised to “release the kraken”, in reference to an astonishing amount of evidence regarding the Dominion voting software used in many states to count ballots, many of those crucial swing states. Indeed, the Dominion software (run on Smartmatic machines) was called into question by Senators Elizabeth Warren and Amy Klobuchar just last year, where they raised concerns about both the security of the software as well as the private equity interests that held ownership of the company.

Powell suggests that this software is extremely susceptible to hacking or manipulation by insiders (as covered by MSNBC last year), allowing vote totals to be adjusted on the fly if needed. She contends that the machines were used for just that purpose on election night, and she apparently has countless affidavits from witnesses to that effect, adding up to millions of fake votes. Obviously, a case of this magnitude has to proceed carefully, and Sidney says lawsuits will begin to be filed this week starting with Georgia.

An example of the type of evidence that may emerge is outlined in one of her tweets, referring to a Texas county that went blue for the first time since 1964, outperforming Hillary Clinton’s 2016 loss by 6% (a huge statistical jump when it comes to the state voter demographic world). Coincidentally, a former Smartmatic executive just happened to become the elections administrator in this county in 2018. He went on to purchase new election machines for the county shortly after his arrival in 2019.

Other instances of states using this software led to peculiar jumps in voter tallies like this image from Wisconsin:

A drop of 143,000 Biden votes in about a 10 minute window. You could argue that that is when they began tallying mail-in votes that somehow overwhelmingly favored Biden even though that doesn’t jive with the registered voter demographics in Wisconsin, but that is an awfully quick counting of ~150k ballots for poll workers at four in the morning.

Now, we haven’t got to see any of Sidney’s real evidence presented in court yet, but for a seasoned Washington attorney to describe it as “biblical” leads one to believe she is holding something big. Or maybe not, one never knows with the Donald. The Trump team interestingly disclosed that Sidney Powell is now working on her own as of last night, which leads one to believe that they want to put some distance between the White House and the bipartisan shitstorm that is about to be released. This is not exactly the action one would expect from a President “scrambling for options”, as the mainstream media would like you to believe. In fact, Trump rarely tips his hand this obviously, suggesting that he is very close to having all his cards on the table.

What is also peculiar is how Dominion has responded to the initial allegations, hiring a DC lobbyist to defend their company on Fox News the other day. Why would they hire a political strategist who used to be on the House Ways and Means committee if they are not guilty of any wrongdoing? Why not just a company lawyer, or better yet an employee?

In any case, most news outlets still don’t seem to be giving this case much attention, but there are signs of genuine fear on either side of the aisle from the potential fall out of this case. Countless members of congress as well as governors from either side of the aisle could be implicated in rigging votes in this as well as prior US elections. If this were truly the “drain the swamp” moment for Trump, it would be the perfect chess play – holding on to Republican support for election investigations just long enough to sell them down the river with the Dominion scandal.

This is certainly an all-or-nothing play by Trump and Sidney, effectively putting both their careers on the line for the Dominion case. The fallout from releasing the kraken has the potential to shake the very foundations of our democracy and election integrity, implicating any number of public officials and corporations. In a nation as polarized as ours is right now, the stakes for the Supreme Court in hearing and ruling on this case are monumental, bordering on impossible. How can any nine people possibly make a decision on something this far-reaching, if these lawsuits contain even half of what Sidney says they do? Despite this difficulty, we have a collective responsibility to face the music and find out just what is going on here. Buckle up, folks.

I will represent #WeThePeople and seek the Truth. I intend to expose all the fraud and let the chips fall where they may.

Sidney Powell

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