The Great Unwind

The reason I have insisted on combining the events of the outer world with my discussion of meditation and personal liberation is because they are one and the same phenomenon. Our collective inner state of mind is mirrored in the world around us. One follows the other, they are inseparable. What we are witnessing right now is a case study and nearly perfect analogy of how our ego will react to meditation, which is often perceived as an attack.

The momentum of the ego (whether on an individual or collective scale) will continue to fight until the bitter end as it senses its own demise, increasing threats increasing fear – essentially trying to extort compliance from our mind or the populace to preserve its authority and dominion over them (not unlike an abusive relationship). Naturally people will adhere or rebel from this according to their own need for dependency. But the COVID/lockdown hysteria and economic carnage has already reached the point of absurdity, one feels that it cannot go much further before the majority says ok fuck off, if we haven’t reached that point already.

“The new vaccines will probably prevent you from getting sick with COVID. No one knows yet whether they will keep you from spreading the virus”. Sterling publications like the NYTimes are rattling off this kind of “medical knowledge” nearly a year after this nonsense began. Fauci admits to lying about herd immunity projections just to “nudge” the public into accepting an experimental vaccine. And, according to a new study from 10 million residents in Wuhan, COVID is not even transmitted asymptomatically. This is the level of certainty we are dealing with after months upon months of economic and social devastation of our population – untold depression, drug overdoses, ruined livelihoods which the media utterly refuses to acknowledge.

The weakness of this approach by the collective ego, as Leia explains, is the diminishing returns and health associated with supporting this abusive power. The other challenge is that the mainstream tries to frame the opposition as being the same way – blindly following Trump on his quest to stay in power.

So, Trump’s challenge has been to shift the narrative and become the “good guy”, which really wasn’t possible until now. He had to be a fighter from the outset, he had to let the establishment attack and charge after him (which they’ve done since the moment he took office) until they are so exhausted and weak they can no longer get any support. Now, it is time for him to shift gears, the matador pulling back the red cape just as the bull thinks it has struck into flesh.

The bull is tired, exhausted, and over-extended both on Wall Street and in Washington. Trump uses the bulls’ own energy against itself, and now he is the populist pulling all of the peoples energy towards his cause – progressives and disaffected Republicans alike. It is really the best of both worlds, a voting bloc that stands for integrity and transparency in a political landscape that is dead-set on avoiding both.

So the people and their politicians have a choice to make. Either you get behind this man, a message of reopening and stimulating the economy and freedom, or you choose.. what? More lockdowns, more economic freefall and misery with no end in sight? None of the panic-porn the mainstream media is pushing makes any sense anymore.

One is a message of hope and positivity, the other of fear and negativity. Its a battle of narratives, and the bull is losing steam by the minute. Will they pull the plug on this pitiful ploy before it gets out of hand, or will they go all in on hysteria and fear and control? Unfortunately, my guess is the latter. But this is how awakening happens, this is how the ego dies. It fights and it fights and our challenge is to let it tire itself out, let it exhaust itself and refuse to provide any energy to it.

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