Life and Death

I am not. You are not. Only existence is.


The form is just passing through the eternal formless, your true nature. You’ve never moved an inch, not a moment has passed and it never will. But the movie evolves over time, projected onto the screen of universal consciousness.

Everyone thinks its “my” life, not theirs. My me mine, and so that identification continues with the projection of death. What will “my” death be like, “my” reincarnation?

There is no me, no separation. That is step one. There is just life, and death, working side by side like matter and dark matter. Both are required for the manipulation and evolution of infinite consciousness.

It feels like its “my” life due to the identification of the mind, the sense of separation which I have already discussed at length. As the identification drops away through spiritual practice, however, the sense of “my” life and “my” death drops away.

First death, then immortality must be accepted. I am forever, its overwhelming and perhaps unacceptable to the mind, and yet it is true. Once you can see, you will see me in everything. You will know with complete certainty. The fountain of eternal youth, perennial newness springing forth every instant.

But you want to hold on to a little morsel for yourself, some insurance policy in case god doesnt come through. As if he doesnt see your little morsel tucked away. Its ok, but one day you have to drop even that – the thing you said you’d never let go of no matter what. Yes, even that. It is the price for entry, it can’t be cheated or held back. And you know it. So, thats the only real question here, when will you let it all go? Its pretty simple, it could happen in an instant. Or maybe you’ll hang on to it for a lifetime. Each person has a unique shell to crack.

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