Why so serious?

This is totally, utterly non-serious. The mind is the only thing in this world that is serious. It adds this layer of anxiety and unease to the experience.

You’re trying to get out of the thought or to find a way out or whatever but that is way too far into it, nip it in the bud. As soon as the thought begins its too late, the content makes no difference. You’re trying to reason with the content or manipulate it or chase it away, but you just need to refuse it and toss it out entirely from the get-go.

The content or story IS the confusion, it is the separate self in action. That’s what you’re getting lost in. That’s where the ‘me’ is created to begin with. Just disregard it and stay simple, there’s no amount of philosophizing or analyzing that will change the situation. All that matters is how much you can surrender it – how totally can you drop it in this moment? Pull out of the mind entirely.

Meditation is an art. It is finding the emptiness with no object, entering the eternity where you cannot follow. Finding the space where thought hasn’t entered, the primordial love from which all is born.

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