Tony Parsons

Life is not a task. There is absolutely nothing to attain except the realisation that there is absolutely nothing to attain.

Tony is a progenitor of a fairly large cohort of non-duality teachers based in the U.K., not sure exactly how it got so popular there in particular. In any case, their approach basically skips the concept of meditation entirely and just goes straight to a discussion of the implications or final conclusions. Starting at the finish line I guess is how you would put it.

While this is a huge oversimplification for the vast majority of spiritual “seekers” in my opinion and really only addresses the theoretical side of things, there is a great appeal to his no-nonsense approach. It is word for word probably the most concisely the whole thing can be presented. The question is whether hearing it alone is enough..

He has plenty of YouTube videos on his channel and his website is I’ve included one of the videos below. Note: he’s only really presenting for the first 9-10 minutes of the video, the rest is just Q&A but also pretty entertaining.

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