Calm During the Storm

– Robert Adams

All quiet over here as we watch the geopolitical events unfold and continue the preparations for Neti Neti empire-building. In the macro sense things are progressing nicely, in their usual bizarre and convoluted fashion (as humans are wont to do).

We are, and have been for some years, in the midst of World War 3. This is not a war between nations, it is the war between ever more centralized power that rewards fewer and fewer by the day, and the rising wave of decentralized power and community.

In short, the broken global government machine has sensed their own demise and has more or less openly declared war on their own citizenry, though of course they would never phrase it in such a way (“The Great Reset” polls better).

This is the great squeeze. The great revealing of the way things actually work. Whether through war, sanctions, lockdowns, brute force, whatever means necessary – the traditional central power structures are desperately clamping down on any and all populist uprisings. Trucker convoys, cryptocurrencies, protests (unless state-sanctioned) must all be crushed, ignored and carefully re-branded by what remains of legacy media as “dangerous”, “extremist”, “nationalist”, etc. etc.

But the days of grotesque, corrupt state power are numbered. The skies are getting brighter. The awakening of humanity has been irrevocably set in motion. Things have been seen which cannot be unseen.


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