What Are ‘They’ Seeking?

Their eyes have a staring expression; they are always seeking something. What are they seeking? They always want something. They are always uneasy and restless. We do not know what they want. We do not understand them. We think that they are all mad.

– Chief “Mountain Lake”, in conversation with Carl Jung in New Mexico, 1932

Upon reviewing the recent Project Veritas video, in which an undercover journalist records a Pfizer executive gleefully discussing gain of function research that is possible with COVID variants, and then seeing the response statement from Pfizer where they use a bunch of legal word-salad to say yes but no but yes (neither of these developments being covered by mainstream media of course), I am confronted by a similar question as the chief above: what are they seeking? Just what in the hell is going on in our world right now?

Being the inquisitive type, I have been buried in this shenanigans for years now and watched the censorship (my own video questioning COVID was even banned), defamation, cancellation, fighting, etc. in real time on YouTube and Twitter and other outlets – to the point where I can barely look at my phone anymore without making my head spin. It’s just too much. But the average citizen has never had the kind of access to information that we have now, so I must admit it is difficult to look away.

As I’ve discussed previously, we are at war – and not with the neat, easy targets the media would have you believe. This is information and psychological warfare – 5th generation warfare, as the great Robert Malone (pioneer of mRNA technology) explains. A war over the narrative, which is aggressively and expensively fought over every minute of the day. As Robert says in the video, the citizens of the world were subjected to military-grade psychological operations since the beginning of 2020, which involved severe restrictions of civil liberties, near total censorship of any voice that was critical of the concerted government message, and gaslighting or even arrest for those who continued to question any piece of the story. These restrictions were wildly and conspicuously incommensurate with the danger posed by the virus, which I pointed out at the time; a virus which, in all likelihood, was man-made and released from a lab in China with suspicious connections to various prominent names across the globe.

In order to understand the reason why those in power might release (intentionally or not) a virus that allows them to force an mRNA vaccine on the population, which in itself could create new variants, new vaccines, etc., we need to understand two main points.

The first point is pretty simple and obvious: money.

The second point is much more nuanced and interesting from my perspective: their philosophy and worldview. I do not claim to know the inner machinations of the Bill Gates’ and Klaus Schwabs’ of the world, but based on their statements and political alignments I would summarize it thus: the world is in a state of catastrophe due to climate change, overpopulation and political unrest, and we have at our disposal unprecedented technological and biological tools for addressing these challenges, including editing and engineering the very structure of our own DNA to an “enhanced” or more desirable state. And if you wanted to implement these particular (and controversial) changes to the world and force compliance, a virus that requires ID cards and continual vaccination and a whole slew of other unprecedented social control measures would kick it off nicely. The World Economic Forum and other organizations were bizarrely well-prepped for the COVID pandemic, ready at once to usher in something called the ‘Great Reset’, the link for which is available below.

Now let me just say before going any further that I am not trying to prove anything new or exact judgment on one group or another here (although we are potentially talking about unspeakable crimes against humanity if this was intentional or just gross negligence). My goal here is to understand the motivations of the rich and powerful, and it appears that there are basically two polarities at work here.

The first, as I started to get into, is that of the “globalists”, who are trying to organize those in power worldwide to make a coordinated response to modern challenges in a way they deem effective. And this is stated outright on their own websites, no conspiracy involved. Beyond those vague pronouncements, however, they seem to be willing to go to any length to suppress and censor all information about what they do and why. And that is basically my criticism of the globalists. If you want to solve problems for humanity on a global scale, then you damn sure better be willing to transparently and publicly answer for your actions, and more importantly have informed consent for taking them in the first place.

At the other polarity lies the populists, where I would put forth names like Elon Musk and Donald Trump. In contrast to the globalists, these two are quite open and transparent about how they feel and what they want to do, to a fault some might say. There is a greater trust placed in the individual human being to consent, participate, and be informed about the future of our species, and to me this is the major point where the globalists and populists diverge.

One side seems to basically regard the average human as an uncivilized brute that needs to be prodded and corralled into the right behavior – Pavlov’s dog and all that – while they selflessly and righteously rule from the mountaintops of Davos. Certainly there is some truth to that assessment and it is more or less how humanity has progressed to present day, so the globalists see this ever-expanding population and the risk of open internet and technology letting loose some kind of feral barbarism in the streets if the dogs gain too much freedom.

But there is another possibility, one that I discuss a bit in my book. And that is that the slaves remain slaves because of the master, and vice versa. So long as this dependency and fear is reinforced there can be no evolution. One precludes and necessitates the other. By clamping down on the population and freedom of thought and expression, we only exacerbate the problem and turn the population into mindless zombies. The optimism of the populists of the world is that humanity can rise to the challenge of freedom. It is a risky bet, but all evolutionary leaps are this way. There has to be some willingness to trust in ourselves and have faith that things will turn out okay on their own.

This is a bit of a chicken and egg question, and lays bare the age-old struggle between rugged capitalism and welfare-queen socialism, our innate paternal and maternal elements playing out on the macro level. These two elements are mixing and battling with each other, refining and in fact strengthening each other in some kind of strange alchemical process for human evolution.

In any case, we’re already descending into chaos and the elites of the world have already proven they are very poor managers of power and no better than the “dogs” in the first place, as witnessed by nearly every corrupted institution and monopolized market in our political economy. So the point is somewhat moot, we’re past the point of no return and these forces are already in motion, barreling ever-closer to resolution.

Nuclear annihilation is one option, although I don’t believe that will be the case as it is rather boring and anti-climatic from a cosmic perspective.

The likely result in my estimation is that the ever-increasing rate of technological transparency and access continues to pull back the veil until both sides of populism and globalism are forced to put all their cards on the table. Then we can come together in a Kumbaya picnic of humanity and work towards common sense solutions that instead of continuously kicking each other in the balls.

But we’ve got to allow the opportunity for this to happen. We have to trust in ourselves and each other and resist the temptation to retreat in fear. COVID was primarily a device used to weaponize fear and control the population, and those most resistant to freedom were the ones most eager to adopt the measures of lockdown and isolation, a sort of litmus test for our own inner psychological aptitude. In fact, if not a for a few holdout states and countries that kept their sanity and pushed back against the machine, the western world would probably look a lot like China and Australia with their COVID quarantine camps and unspeakably draconian restrictions.

The speed at which this war culminates and subsides depends on the willingness for the population at large to become engaged and question what is going on in this world and in ourselves, which is admittedly rather ugly and difficult to bear in its entirety. But it will only become harder and harder to ignore as time goes on, such is the cost for paradise. The light of our awareness must shine into even the darkest corners of the collective psyche if we are to rise out of the Pavlovian dog and into the divinity.

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