Lightning Strikes

Not easy to dispute the words of a man brandishing a mustache of that caliber.. Anyways. In Navy SEAL training, instructors coined the phrase "embrace the suck" - meaning to embrace the often miserable conditions that SEALs find themselves conducting special ops in all manner of harsh and stressful environments. They must learn to adapt… Continue reading Lightning Strikes

Going Nowhere

Central to my presentation of meditation is an understanding of neuroplasticity, which is defined as "the ability of the brain to form and reorganize synaptic connections, especially in response to learning or experience or following injury." In a recent study from Cognitive Science, the researchers found that many people are likely to view mental disorders… Continue reading Going Nowhere

Arson, Oscar Wilde, and the Uncertainty Principle

I'd expand the word romance to include love generally, or just life itself. What is it without uncertainty, without risk or danger? Is it still life, or is it just a dead thing? Zombie-like, robotic, calculated, dull. The mind attempts to reduce everything into the known, into measurable and certain outcomes. Risk-management has come to… Continue reading Arson, Oscar Wilde, and the Uncertainty Principle