The Test

Yet man is born unto trouble, as the sparks fly upward.

Job 5:7 KJV

The perfection of the “devil”, or the dark energy, or the woman. She must test, she must refine the light to weigh its purity. If there is weakness, it is “destroyed”.. or given a chance to find the strength needed. Obviously this creates fear, but also courage. All of this, all this sex and power, is actually spiritual in nature at its very core. It is the refinement to higher levels of subtlety and understanding. If there is a way out, the devil must find it. Not because it is evil, but actually because it craves perfection. And once the certainty is reached, the darkness yields in an awesome union of opposing energies. The man knows it, the woman knows it, everyone knows it. But the subtlety of what is “at stake” is a bit more cloudy to most. Depending on where you are regarding the test, determines what love is available. Who will be attracted, who will repel, for a million and one different reasons.

This is one infinite ocean of energy and orgasm and delight, making use of “opposites” to refine or destroy or create. Sex chemistry of varying sophistication, an alchemy that can be learned with practice. The coiled serpent. It happens on the planetary scale down to the tiniest atoms, every movement writhing with some mysterious significance. The void beckoning to the light, just yearning for another chance to…

And so that is the test of life. That was the devils test for Job, to which god consented. To be thrown into the darkest depths of hell, to be bloody and beaten and cleaved, helplessly spinning around looking for your attacker. Hope is long gone, you don’t even know how you could’ve reached such a place, the thirst for death has reached its pinnacle. And in that certain defeat, totally out of your mind, you take one haphazard swing at the devil out of perfect indifference. Cling! The sound of metal against metal! The devil reveals its snarling face.. it can be vanquished! Your blood fills with some awesome force you never knew possible, you clutch hands with this mysterious demon and start rising together to unfathomable heights. All to arrive back where you started, but not entirely the same.

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